Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

of South Australia Inc.



14th Championship Show

held on May 2nd, 2009


Judge - Breed Classes : Mrs Gill Baker "Nevhills Cavaliers" (UK)

Judge - Special Classes : Mr Peter Andrews (S.A.)

116 entries

RESULTS (Scroll down for Judge's Critique)

BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW Gr Ch Eirannmada Distant Star - D McCullough & G Browne
RU BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW Ch Elfking Thumberlinamouse - M Morse & W Henderson
OPPOSITE SEX BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW Gr Ch Melloway Making Waves - Egan & Weekes

DOG CHALLENGE Gr Ch Melloway Making Waves - Egan & Weekes
DOG RESERVE CHALLENGE Ch Dapsen Make My Day - Caribelle Kennels

BITCH CHALLENGE Gr Ch Eirannmada Distant Star - D McCullough & G Browne
BITCH RESERVE CHALLENGE Ch Elfking Thumberlinamouse - M Morse & W Henderson

BEST BABY PUPPY Cabrook Bossanova - S Paterson
OPPOSITE BABY PUPPY Melloway All Eyes On Me - Egan & Weekes

BEST MINOR PUPPY Brades Designer Label - B Schmidt.
OPPOSITE MINOR PUPPY Lacelle Liaison Of Love - M Gray

BEST PUPPY Dapsen Mr Demolition Man - D Petersen
OPPOSITE PUPPY Elfking Apple Blossom Fairy - Caribelle Kennels

BEST JUNIOR Cavashon Passion Ov The Heart- K. Brooksby
OPPOSITE JUNIOR Jenawyn Drum Roll - J Wynn

BEST INTERMEDIATE Ch Cavashon Hallmark - K. Brooksby
OPPOSITE INTERMEDIATE Innesveil Classic Melody - J McInnes

BEST LIMIT Dapsen Comin At Ya - B & R Martin
OPPOSITE LIMIT Barodaley Jolly Swagman - M. Weidenbach

BEST AUST. BRED Gr Ch Eirannmada Distant Star - D McCullough & G Browne
OPPOSITE AUST. BRED Ch Cabrook La Cartier - S Wood & S Paterson

BEST OPEN Gr Ch Melloway Making Waves - Egan & Weekes
OPPOSITE OPEN Ch Dapsen Make My Day - Caribelle Kennels


BABY PUPPY DOG : 12 entries, 1 absent
1 Cabrook Bossanova (Ch Dapsen Make My Day x Cabrook Private Dancer) - Paterson
2 Matmor One Night Stand (Ch Harana Starsailor {Imp UK} x Harana Sarah Vaughn {Imp UK}) - Morse/Henderson
3 Caribelle Whisky N Rye (Ch Dapsen Make My Day x Caribelle Of Course) - Caribelle Kennels
4 Charliboi Reuben James (Ch Cabrook Flashdance x Ch Charliboi Mia Dor)

MINOR PUPPY DOG : 3 entries
1 Lacelle Liason Of Love (Ch Ricksbury Royal Liason {Imp UK} x Eireannmada Distant Love) - Gray
2 Cavashon As Good As It Gets (Ch Cavashon Monogram x Ch Cavashon Unchained Melody) - Brooksby
3 Staromah Versace (Cabrook La Croix x Staromah Howzabout Katie) - Wood/Paterson

PUPPY DOG: 2 entries
1 Dapsen Mr Demolition Man (Gr Ch Miletree Distant Dream {Imp UK} x Ch Dapsen Miss Take) - Petersen
2 Jucavli Moonlyte Reflection (Ch Lewmah Moonlyte Gambler x Rivarose Sitting Pretty) - Pronk

JUNIOR DOG: 5 entres, 1 absent
1 Jenawyn Drum Roll (Eireannmada Distant Drum x Ryanz Costa Diva) - Wynn
2 Chelport Stayin Alive (Chelport Night Fever x Chelport Velvet Touch) - Alport
3 Polonez Hunters Quest (Wenaweve Orion Storm x Polonez Clara) - Weaver
4 Dapsen No Mistaken It (Ch Dapsen It Wasn't Me x Ch Dapsen Miss Take) - Petersen

INTERMEDIATE DOG: 7 entries, 1 absent
1 Ch Cavashon Hall Mark (Ch Cavashon Monogram x Cavashon Th Look Ov Love) - Brooksby
2 Trescaval Hiz Lieutenant (Ch Cabrook Hiz Lordship x Ch Trescaval Cest Lamour) - Logan
3 Ch Kelzarki Classical Jazz (Kamilairi Darren Rhys x Ch Miletree Nijinskys Lass) - McInnes
4 Ch Dapsen Made Ya Look (Ch Carolus Teddy Roosevelt {Imp UK} x Ch Dapsen Whenever Wherever) - Petersen

LIMIT DOG: 7 entries
1 Barodaley Jolly Swagman (Ch Dapsen Makn Whoopi x Barodaley Tango In Paris) - Weidenbach
2 Matmor Fatal Attraction (Gr Ch Matmor Fairgrnd Attractn x Ch Matmor Diamonds R Foreva) - Morse/Henderson
3 Portcon Mon Ami (Elfking Jerry MacQuire x Portcon Prothalamion) - Morgan
4 Chelport Smoke N Mirrors (Chelport Night Fever x Chelport Velvet Touch) - Alport

AUSTRALIAN BRED DOG: 11 entries, 1 absent
1 Ch Cabrook La Cartier (Ch Phrenchy Patric Le Beau {Imp UK} x Cabrook Sophistication) - Wood/Paterson
2 Ch Karhisar Royal Keepsake (Ch Marcavan Royal Obsession x Ch Karhisar Gabriella) - Martin
3 Ch Dapsen Makn The Trade (Ch Dapsen Makn Whoopi x Gr Ch Barakah Trading Places) - Petersen
4 Dapsen Heres Lookn At Ya (Ch Dapsen Makn Whoopi x Ch Dapsen Whenever Wherever) - Schmidt

OPEN DOG: 8 entries
1 Gr Ch Melloway Making Waves (Gr Ch Cavashob Watercolor x Ch Melloway Super Model) - Egan/Weekes
2 Ch Dapsen Make My Day (Gr Ch Miletree Distand Dream {Imp UK} x Ch Marcavan Mischievious) - Caribelle Kennels
3 Gr Ch Cavashon Abracadabra (Ch Cavashon Hanky Panky x Ch Cavashon Witch Craft) - Brooksby
4 Ch Karhisar Tuscan Intrigue (Ch Caralean Tuscan Sky {Imp UK} x Ch Karhisar Gabriella) - Beare


BABY PUPPY BITCH : 6 entries, 2 absent
1 Melloway All Eyes On Me (Gr Ch Melloway Making Waves x Ch Melloway Magic Potion) - Egan/Weekes
2 Caribelle Brandy Schnapp (Ch Dapsen Make My Day x Caribelle Of Course)- Caribelle Kennels
3 Megatine Shes The One (Ch Dapsen Make My Day x Megatine Tiger Lilly) - Weidenbach
4 Matmor Mistaken Identity (Ch Harana Starsailor {Imp UK} x Harana Sarah Vaughn {Imp UK}) - Morse/Henderson

1 Brades Designer Label (Gr Ch Miletree Distant Dream {Imp UK} x Ch Barodaley Dancing Diva) - Schmidt
2 Staromah Kara Mia Mi (Megatine Star Billing x Staromah Memory Lane) - Morgan
3 Miniatura Emeralds Intrigue (Gr Ch Matmor Fairgrnd Attractn x Miniatura Treasure Trove) - RConnelly
4 Melloway The Duchess (Gr Ch Lymrey Hi Treason {Imp UK} x Melloway Wild Child) - Egan/Weekes

PUPPY BITCH: 8 entries
1 Elfking Apple Blossom Fairy (Ch Aranel The Hobbit {Imp UK} x Aranel Charasmatic {Imp UK}) - Caribelle Kennels
2 Dapsen Miss Take It All (Gr Ch Miletree Distant Dream {Imp UK} x Ch Dapsen Miss Take) - Petersen
3 Melloway Raising The Bar (Gr Ch Melloway Turning Heads x Gr Ch Melloway Picture Perfect) - Egan/Weekes
4 Matmor Sasha Bordeaux (Gr Ch Matmor Fairgrnd Attractn x Harana Sarah Vaughn {Imp UK}) - Morse/Henderson

JUNIOR BITCH: 9 entries
1 Cavashon Passion Ov The Heart (Ch Cavashon Monogram x Ch Cavashon Midnite Passion) - Brooksby
2 Cavashon Trade Secret (Ch Cavashon Monogram x Gr Ch Barakah Trading Places) - Brooksby
3 Jenawyn Pink Champagne (Eireannmada Distant Drum x Ryanz Costa Diva) - Wynn
4 Brades Diamond Diva (Dapsen Heres Lookn At Ya x Ch Barodaley Dancing Diva) - Schmidt

1 Innesveil Classic Melody (Ch Kelzarki Classical Jazz x Innesveil Misty Rose) - McInnes
2 Cavashon Head Over Heels (Gr Ch Cavashon Abracadabra x Ch Chantelli French Maid) - Brooksby
3 Cavashon Ulite Up My Life (Gr Ch Cavashon Abracadabra x Ch Chantelli French Maid) - Brooksby
4 Wenaweve Stardust (Ch Caralean Tuscan Sky {Imp UK} x Wenaweve Atime Tdreme) - Weaver

LIMIT BITCH: 9 entries, 1 absent
1 Dapsen Comin At Ya (Ch Dapsen Makn Whoopi x Ch Dapsen Whenever Wherever) - Martin
2 Dapsen Left Said Freda (Ch Dapsen Whoops x Ch Dapsen Mis Teeq) - Osmotherly
3 Aynsbrae Tuscany Rose (Ch Caralean Tuscan Sky {Imp UK} x Ch Aynsbrae Highland Mist) - Beare
4 Chelport U Shld B Dancin (Ch Chelport Sunsetter

AUST BRED BITCH: 8 entries
1 Gr Ch Eireannmada Distant Star (Gr Ch Miletree Distant Dream {Imp UK} x Ch Eireannmada Cat Pyjamas) - McCullough/ Browne
2 Ch Karhisar Miss Delightful (Ch Dapsen Makn Whoopi x Ch Karhisar Gabriella) - Martin
3 Ch Barodaley Dancing Diva (Cabrook La Croix x Barodaley Dancing Queen) - Schmidt
4 Ch Emilysprings Winter Rose (Ch Emilysprings Moonshine x Emilysprings The Rose) - Brooksby

OPEN BITCH: 10 entries
1 Ch Elfking Thumberlina Mouse (Ch Harana Barry White {Imp UK} x Elfking The House Mouse) - Morse/Henderson
2 Melloway Designer Girl (Gr Ch Lymrey Hi Treason {Imp UK} x Gr Ch Melloway Voodoo Doll) - Egan/Weekes
3 Ch Cabrook Mon Amie (Ch Phrenchy Patric Le Beau {Imp UK} x Ch Cabrook Sophistication) - Paterson
4 Ch Megatine Toffee Tart (Ch Phrenchy Patric Le Beau {Imp UK} x Ch Megatine Lady Zara) - Weidenbach


Best South Australian Bred - Gr Ch Melloway Making Waves - Egan/Weekes
Best Interstate Exhibit - Ch Bowhouse Hiz Passion - Logan
Best Blenheim - Ch Cabrook La Cartier - Wood/Paterson
Best Tricolour - Barodaley Jolly Swagman - M. Weidenbach
Best Ruby - Chelport U Shld B Dancin - C. Alport
Best Black & Tan - Matmor Fatal Attractn - Morse/Henderson
Best Parent & Offspring - Staromah Memory Lane - Morgan


Judge’s Critique from Gill Baker (UK)

I would like to thank all the committee of the CKCS Club of SA Inc. for inviting me to judge your May show, an appointment which I thoroughly enjoyed. Special thanks for the extremely super accommodation provided for both Steve and I. It was very grand! Poor Steve will be having palpitations when we go on holiday now as the Grand Copthorne’s Crown Plaza and the Sherriton’s etc are now off my hotel list! I must extend a special thank you to both Richard and Josh who I know both had a hand in the arrangements made.

I was very impressed by the quality of dogs. Both the committee and the exhibitors all appeared to be a pleasant and happy bunch of folk. I thank you all for the kindness given to both of us. I do hope nobody took offence to my remarks concerning the constant baiting of the dogs in the ring and mainly on the table, but do hope they bear it in mind for future reference.

Mouths were on the whole very good. However if I had one gripe it would be to say that I am a fanatic for presentation and I did penalise a very small number of exhibits on that, when they were otherwise good exhibits of the breed. For this I am guilty and maybe a little harsh but please don’t send a firing squad to get me as I mean no offence!

Thank you to everyone for their kindness in making our stay so welcoming and extremely pleasant.

God bless you all

Fondest Regards

Gill Baker


Baby Puppy Dog

1st S. Paterson - Cabrook Bossanova: Sweet, compact, well broken Blenheim of 5 months. Pretty head and dark eyes with enough bone. Needs a little more body but I liked his shape. Such a confident baby who was full of himself and was really good on the table. Carried himself so well on the move. A good little mover who just needs time and I hope he grows on a little more and his coat should get darker with age.

2nd M. Morse and W. Henderson - Matmor One Night Stand: Very pleasing BLACK & TAN with nice rich tan, pleasing head and lovely dark eyes. Plenty of bone and body with good teeth. Moved well and should do well as he matures.

3rd Caribelle Kennels - Caribelle Whisky And Rye: Well broken Tri with a sweet head and eye, pleasing body and conformation. Carried himself well on the move. Three nice babies here who I hope have a very good future.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st M. Gray - Lacelle Liason of Love: Mature well broken Blenheim with pleasing qualities. Head needs time and a little more cushioning in the muzzle which should come as he matures. Good front and lay of shoulder, nice turn of stifle, in good coat for age. A happy puppy who has plenty of confidence.

2nd K. Brooksby - Cavashon As Good As It Gets: Nice size Blenheim of good colour. Lovely large dark eyes, compact body. Pleasing conformation, nice turn of stifle. Just needs more practice and moved a little close today. Has time on his side.

3rd S. Wood and R & S Paterson - Staromah Versace: Pretty headed puppy with pleasing expression from his lovely eyes. Well marked, nice body and good level topline. Just a little apprehensive today. Needs more time and plenty of training.

Puppy Dog

1st D. Petersen- - Dapsen Mr Demolition Man: Lovely well broken Tri with a very pleasing head and expression. Good eye, good neck and lay of shoulders. Good tan and topline. Moved nicely around the ring and with that touch of glamour that I like to see. Looked good in profile and had plenty of confidence. Hope he fulfils his early promise; he should do. My Best Puppy in Show.

2nd M. Pronk - Jucavli Moonlyte Reflection: Well broken Blenheim with good bone and plenty of body. Nice head and eye. Not as soundly put together as I would like, very unsteady on the move and would have liked a better croup

Junior Dog

1st S & J Wynn - Jenawyn Drum Roll: Well broken Blenheim of nice size. Very pleasing head and expression. Good eyes. Nice, full muzzle, good ear set, good lay of shoulder and well conformed hindquarters. I loved this boy’s attitude. Shown in lovely condition and moved really well.

2nd C. Alport - Chelport Stayin Alive: Compact Black and Tan of nice size with lovely dark eyes and expression. Rich tan with plenty of body. Moved well keeping a good topline. A nice little dog.

3rd W. Weaver - Polonez Hunters Quest: A full headed boy with super long ear leathers, good bone and plenty of body. Hard to assess on the move. Lots of confidence.

Intermediate Dog  

1st K. Brooksby - Ch. Cavashon Hallmark: A flashy well broken Blenheim with a lovely head and super lustrous eyes. Good ear set with nice cushioned muzzle. Good front, well laid shoulders, good rib cage and sound well angulated hind quarters. In beautiful coat and presented in good condition. Moved well. One I considered for top honours.

2nd M.J. & J. Logan - Trescaval Hiz Lieutenant: I liked this boy but today he was not giving his best, pity! Lovely headed Blenheim with good ear set. Pleasing expression, good bone and a nice size. Just enough body and a good tail set. Lovely silky coat and condition but lost out on movement due to him being rather silly. Otherwise a quality exhibit.

3rd J. McInnes - Ch. Kelzarki Classical Jazz: Another boy who just moved silly today. Perhaps they would rather show outside. Very pleasing head shape with a full muzzle, good rib and body. Pleasingly sound hind quarters, moved well keeping a good topline.

Limit Dog

1st M. Weidenbach - Barodaley Jolly Swagman: A nice smart Tri with a pleasing, masculine head, good front, compact body with plenty of bone. I liked this boy’s overall appearance, but today his hind movement was not as positive, pity! He’s an attractive dog and cannot be overlooked. Firm hind quarters, in lovely condition with a lovely temperament.

2nd M. Morse & W. Henderson - Matmoor Fatal Attractn: Black and Tan of compact size. Nice head and lovely dark eyes. Good reach of neck with pleasing conformation. Thought this boy was to be my winner but he carried his tail too close to his body when on the move which cost him his placing, but otherwise his movement itself, was good. In plenty of lovely coat and condition. Really good neck carriage and topline.

3rd D. Morgan - Portcon Mon Ami: A well marked Blenheim with a nice head and pleasing eye. Nice full foreface. I liked his good overall soundly constructed body. Good hind quarters, when he did move he looked lovely.

Australian Bred Dog

1st S. Woods & S. Paterson - Ch. Cabrook La Cartier: A very smart exhibit of lovely size. Nice head framed with well set ears, lovely large appealing eyes. Good front and good ribcage with well constructed body. Good turn of stifle with neat hocks. I liked his overall conformation. A happy boy who showed with plenty of style, in good coat and condition.

2nd B & R Martin - Ch. Karhisar Royal Keepsake: Well broken Blenheim, another of pleasing size. Good bone with pleasing head framed with lovely ears, good pigment, good neck and body. In absolute pristine condition. Moved confidently.

3rd D. Petersen - Ch. Dapsen How Cool Am I: Compact pretty headed Tri. Heavier marked with good rich tan. Short compact body. Giving his handler a rough time of it today. Hind movement just let him down.

Open Dog

1st W & J Egan & J & J Weekes - Grand Ch. Melloway Making Waves: Well broken Blenheim up to size for me personally but this dog has many qualities. He’s every inch a showman and beautifully presented. Pleasing head with large dark lustrous eyes, full large well placed ears with lovely long fringes. Good teeth, good pigment, good straight front, good lay of shoulder, good spring of rib, and firmly constructed hindquarters. Moved with plenty of drive from the rear. In super condition. To be critical, I would like a better croup as at times when standing can lose out at this, but I was not expecting the perfect dog. My Challenge Dog winner.

2nd Caribelle Kennels - Ch. Dapsen Make My Day: Lovely headed Tri of my type. Full head with good tan, pleasing eyes and expression. Lovely large ears with plenty of feathering, good lay of shoulder, good ribcage, good muscle tone, firmly constructed rear angulation, good tail carriage. So well balanced, covered the ground faultlessly. A lovely exhibit to own. presented beautifully but just seemed to be holding back when standing, or was he not used to being shown in doors? Reserve Challenge Dog.

3rd K Brooksby - Grand Ch Cavashon Abracadabra: ( No critique supplied by the judge.)



Baby Puppy Bitch

1st W & J Egan & J & J. Weekes - Melloway All Eyes On Me : A mature baby with nice well broken markings, pleasing head and eye, correct bone, well balanced body, good neck carriage and conformation. Should have a bright future. So well schooled, just hope she slows down in growth a little or perhaps she could be one to grow quickly and then stop. Pleasing exhibit nevertheless.

2nd Caribelle Kennels - Caribelle Brandy Schnapp: A very pretty headed baby with well broken markings, good tan and a sweet and cheeky expression. Lovely dark eyes with compact body and rib. This young lady had plenty of confidence and moved really well. Little miss personality plus here! I could have judged these two the following day and changed them around as I was really splitting hairs here. Moved really well and with plenty of attitude. Close decision.

3rd M. Weidenbach - Megatine She’s The One: A heavier marked Tri of nice size also with good tan, plenty of body and good neck. A happy exhibit who was enjoying herself. A lovely bitch.

4th M. Morse & W. Hendersen - Matmor Mistaken Identity: Another with a lovely personality, a real little doll. A sweet Ruby with pretty head and large dark eyes. Just hope she makes the size but she’s less than 4 months old so time is on her side. Such a happy, sweet temperament and well put together.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st B. Scmidt - Brades Designer Label: Compact, nice, well broken Blenheim with dark eyes, good correct bite, good bone, really good reach of neck, enough body and good rib cage. When standing looked lovely and moved with confidence.

2nd D. Morgan - Staromah Kara Mia Mi: Another with similar qualities. Pretty head with pleasing expression, good compact body, good turn of stifle and good topline. Moved well, would just have liked a darker pigment.

3rd R. Connelly - Miniatura Emerald’s InTrigue: Mature Ruby of good rich colour, nice dark eyes, good bone, plenty of body and rib cage. Good tail set and moved well. In good coat for age.

Puppy Bitch

1st Caribelle Kennels - Elfking Apple Blossom Fairy: Nicely made Blenheim with attractive head and lovely dark appealing eyes, good eat set and knew how to use them. Good front, well laid shoulders, well balanced body, good tail set and in good coat of lovely texture. Moved really well, just strode out. I like her very much.

2nd D. Petersen - Dapsen Miss Take It All: Lighter marked Blenheim with a nice head, large pretty eyes, short coupled body and enough rib. When standing had a pleasing outline and she moved really well.

3rd W & J Egan and J & J Weekes - Melloway Raising The Bar: Well broken markings with an attractive head and nice cushioned muzzle. Pleasing overall, soundly constructed but carried her tail rather high today when she moved. Presented in lovely condition.

Junior Bitch

1st K. Brooksby - Cavashon Passion Ov The Heart: A nice well balanced Blenheim with lighter markings. Lovely full head with large, dark, appealing eyes. Nice full muzzle, correct bite, good bone, nice straight front, good neck and ribcage. Soundly constructed, compact body with good rear angulation. Moved really well.

2nd K. Brooksby - Cavashon Trade Secret: Blenheim with nice broken markings. The prettiest of heads and super dark eyes. Good rich Blenheim colour. Plenty of body and a wealth of coat which was in super condition. A happy exhibit and moved well.

3rd S & J Wynn - Jenawyn Pink Champagne: Another Blenheim of good rich colour, nice compact size and pretty head. Good bone and good neck with enough body but just moved rather close at her rear end today.

Intermediate Bitch

1st J. McInnes Innesveil Classic Melody: A pleasing exhibit with a lovely head and large dark expressive eyes. Nicely constructed body with plenty of neck, good level topline and good tail set. Presented in lovely condition and moved well.

2nd K. Brooksby - Cavashon Head Over Heels: A naughty Tri with a pleasing head, good length of neck and good shoulders. A firmly constructed body and rear. Presented in lovely condition and once she settled you could appreciate her attributes. Naughty but nice!!

3rd K. Brooksby - Cavashon Ulite Up My Life: Another pretty headed girl from this kennel, smaller that her kennel mate. Correct bite and muzzle, sweet expression, compact, well ribbed body and good turn of stifle. Just moved a little close behind as with all of this kennel’s exhibits. However was presented in lovely condition.

Limit Bitch

1st B & R Martin - Dapsen Comin At Ya: Well marked Blenheim with plenty of quality here. Super pretty head with an appealing eye and expression, good pigment, correct dentition, good front, compact body. Well laid shoulders and good hind quarters. Good tail set, never stopped showing. A lovely type to own and had a super temperament too. Should have a great future as she has great style

2rd L. Osmotherly - Dapsen Left Said Freda: This heavier marked Tri bred by the same breeder as my first has pleasing head, well ribbed body and sound hind quarters. In lovely coat and condition and moved very well. I liked her.

3rd A & C Beare - Aynsbrae Tuscany Rose: Another pretty headed Blenheim girl with nice markings. Lovely appealing eyes, head framed by large long ears. Enough bone and body, looked good standing. Her coat had plenty of lovely texture and was super clean. A pleasing exhibit.

Australian Bred Bitch

1st D. MCCullough & G. Browne - Grand Ch. Eireannmada Distant Star: Well, what a star! My Best in Show. This is what I was looking for, just my type, a true Toy Spaniel. Gorgeous head, large lustrous eyes with black rims giving a melting expression (the old saying that the eyes are the windows of the soul comes to mind here). Good mouth and pigment with great ear set and plenty of feathering. Good front with well rounded rib cage, compact body and good tail set. Good rear angulation with correct turn of stifle. Looks so good on the move, she pulled out all the stops!! Covered the ground flawlessly, just wish she was mine!! Beautifully presented in pristine condition.

2nd B & R Martin - Ch. Kahisar Miss Delightful: A well balanced Blenheim with nice markings, pleasing eye and good mouth. Good front and body giving a nice overall shape. Very happy on the move. Firmly constructed hind quarters, plenty of coat and in gleaming condition.

3rd B. Schmidt - Ch. Barodaley Dancing Diva: Compact Blenheim with a full head and foreface. Very pretty with lovely eyes, good shoulders and topline. Nice turn of stifle with plenty of body. Stood out well in the class and move well.

Open Bitch

1st M. Morse & W. Henderson - Ch. Elfking Thumberlinamouse: What a little cracker this one is!! Super Black and Tan, I loved her size. Good rich tan and jet black markings, very pretty head and dark melting eyes. A good class but this young lady took my eye as soon as she entered the ring and I wasn’t to be disappointed. Lovely neck carriage leading to good lay of shoulder. A topline so level you could balance a cup and saucer on it! Firm body and excellent rear angulation. She excels on the move keeping her head held high all of the time. A glamorous exhibit who was furnished with a long silky coat. A credit to her owners. Another I would have loved to own. My Reserve Best in Show.

2nd W & J Egan and J & J. Weekes - Melloway Designer Girl: A pretty Tri with a short, full muzzle, good tan, good mouth, correct bone, good rib cage, short, compact body. Moved well and seemed to be enjoying herself. Presentation good.

3rd S. Paterson - Ch. Carbook Mon Amie: A pretty headed Blenheim with a full head and good muzzle. Large, lovely, expressive eyes with good ear set, good bone and good front. Carrying enough body, in plenty of coat, an overall sound exhibit. Moved well with a happy temperament.



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