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Rescue And Welfare

The Club provides a Rescue and Rehoming Service for Cavaliers that, through no fault of their own, need a loving new home.  All Cavaliers coming into our Rescue Service are microchipped, desexed and undergo a comprehensive medical examination prior to  rehoming.  In the interim, they live as part of our Rescue Foster Carer's "Cavalier family", enabling accurate
assessment of temperament and individual requirements prior to rehoming.


Please contact Jenny Brice, Phone 08 8524 4335, Email, if you would like to know more about the Rescue Service, if you have or know of a Cavalier which needs re-homing, or if you would like more information about a rescued Cavalier.


The following stories are of Cavaliers which have found their new forever homes through the club's rescue service.









Calvin, a 2 year old Tricolour, was picked up by the RSPCA as a lost dog.  However, he was actually an abandoned dog as his owners were never found and no-one made any attempt to re-claim him.  He was a very affectionate boy with heaps of energy and was adopted a couple of times but each time his new owners returned him to the RSPCA.

The RSPCA then contacted the Cavalier Club in September, 2013 to ask if we had anyone who would like to adopt Calvin.  We found him a home with a retired couple in a country town and he initially settled in really well, showering them and their two cats with love and affection.  But crunch time came when, after a couple of weeks, both his new owners had to go out together.  Calvin obviously thought he was about to be abandoned yet again and he scratched madly at the door and made a terrible racket, howling and crying, so much so that the neighbours complained and threatened to report him to the local council. His new owners were devastated, but realised that, under the circumstances, they couldn't keep him.

Rather than return Calvin to the RSPCA where he was fast running out of chances, the club decided to foster him and he went to live with a committee member and several other Cavaliers.  He was very good at sitting on command but other than that he had no manners what-so-ever and no respect for the other dogs.

The first thing Calvin had to learn was that, as the youngest dog in the group, he was at the bottom of the pecking order.  The hardest part of this lesson was at meal times, when he was expected to wait quietly while the other dogs' bowls were put down before he was told to sit and his bowl was placed on the floor.  He then had to wait until given the OK to eat.  Initially he would leap all over the place, bumping the other dogs and knocking their bowls as they were put on the floor, but he quickly got the idea and learnt to wait for his turn, quivering with excitement. He would then scoot across the floor, already in the sit position, to his allotted spot. Even though he was fed last, Calvin was usually he first to finish and the next lesson was that stealing food from other bowls was not allowed.

Calvin had to learn lots of other things like not rushing though doors and gates in front of humans and sometimes even having to stay when a human went through a door or gate without him.  He had to learn that people do go away sometimes for a few hours, but they always come back and he had to learn to control his crazy exuberance when they returned.

Calvin learnt quickly, and he enjoyed playing and running with the other Cavaliers and having cuddles with humans.

After several months he was ready to move on to a new forever home and he is now living in the Adelaide Hills with
with his new 'mum' and 'dad' and their two other Cavaliers.






Melody and Miranda .

Melody and Miranda have now found a very special forever home.
Thank you to everyone who enquired about them

When Melody (an 8 year old Tricolour) and Miranda (a 5 year old Blenheim) were relinquished to the club (by a registered breeder
who could, never-the-less,be described as a backyard breeder) in June, 2013, they were is a shocking state and Melody in particular,
was very frightened and nervous. The photo above was taken soon after their arrival.

They smelt revolting and were very dirty and covered in knots with urine staining and faeces stuck in their rear feathering.
Their ears were solidly matted and when the ear flaps were lifted a smelly brown mess of dirt, wax and infection oozed out.
Their nails were extremely long, some curled right around, and one of Melody's dew claws had curled right back on itself like a
key-ring, passing in and out of the flesh of her leg in the process. Her leg was swollen, inflamed and very painful.

The photo below shows one of Melody's nails and the swelling caused by the dew claw which is hidden
amongst the hair and swollen flesh.

A trip to the vet confirmed even more major problems for these two Cavaliers.

Their ears, as mentioned above were badly infected, especially Miranda's, which were very swollen and inflamed in the ear canals.
Both needed to have their ears flushed and cleaned under anaesthetic followed by several weeks of twice daily treatment with ear
drops and daily antibiotics. Miranda's hearing has been compromised by the chronic state of her ears.

Both girls had rotten teeth and very bad gum disease and had to have major dental work.

Chronic, untreated Dry Eye affected one of Miranda's eyes, and was so bad that she now has minimal sight in that eye.
Melody also had Dry Eye in both her eyes, but only of recent onset and able to be controlled with treatment.
Both girls will need ongoing daily treatment with Optimune Eye Ointment.

Both girls have had numerous litters and needed to be desexed.
They also needed to be vaccinated and microchipped.

Miranda has a mild heart murmur and will need medication for this condition later in life.


One month later and Melody and Miranda are feeling and looking much better as shown in the photos below.
The knots have been cut out (leaving them looking a bit moth-eaten, especially around the ears, but their hair will grow back).

Their ears are now free of infection, their teeth have been cleaned or removed as necessary and the eye ointment is controlling their dry eye and has actually slightly improved the sight in Miranda's eye.

Melody has been desexed and Miranda will be, but couldn't be done immediately because she came into season.

Miranda is now a friendly, outgoing, typical Cavalier and loves cuddles and attention.
Melody is more reserved and still quite shy with strangers, but she is a lot better than she was and enjoys
attention from people she knows.




Although the club has a special "Welfare and Rescue" Fund to pay for any necessary treatment for rescued Cavaliers,
Melody and Miranda have needed an enormous amount of treatment due to the extreme neglect they were suffering from
and paying for this treatment has completely drained the fund.

Any donations towards their on-going treatment, or to help restore a balance in the Welfare and Rescue Fund
would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to make a donation, however small or large you can either
- hand it to one of the Committee members (Contact details listed here)
- post it to Jenny Brice, PO Box 335, Sandy Creek SA 5350
- make a direct or electronic deposit to the Welfare and Rescue Fund.
Name: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of SA Inc Welfare & Rescue Fund
BSB: 765 137 Account Number: 5008084

If you make a direct or electronic payment please advise Jenny - or phone 8524 4335
so that we can acknowledge and receipt your donation correctly.
Thank you.






Georgie, a nearly three year old, desexed, Black and Tan bitch, was relinquished to the club’s rescue service early in September, 2012. Georgie had been purchased as a puppy from a pet shop but after almost two years in her new home circumstances changed and she was relegated to living in a kennel on the back verandah. After 12 months of this her owners decided to contact the club to ask if we could re-home her.

Georgie was taken in by club member and ‘foster mum’, Colleen Gifford. She was very dirty and had to be shampooed and rinsed three times to remove all the grime. She was also badly matted over parts of her body and her ears were solid knots. Colleen patiently and carefully cut off the mats and knots and couldn’t believe how well behaved Georgie was during this uncomfortable procedure.

A veterinary examination revealed that, although quite thin, Georgie was in good health. Her annual vaccinations were due so these were administered by the vet.

In spite of her neglect, Georgie had a lovely, affectionate and outgoing nature and was bright, happy and active. She loved people and other dogs alike, and very quickly become part of Colleen’s Cavalier family.

Six weeks later, in much better condition and with short hair growing on her ears, Georgie was visited by a lady looking for a canine companion. She and her prospective new mum took to one another immediately and she has now settled happily into her new home.



Late in June, 2012, Tyla, a six year old desexed Blenheim boy, was relinquished to the club’s rescue service following the death of his human mum.

Tyla was fostered by club member, Colleen Gifford, and a veterinary examination revealed that, although a bit overweight, he had been well cared for and was in good health. He had some luxation in his right patella but it obviously did not affect him in any way so no treatment was considered necessary. The only other problem was that his teeth had a build up of tartar and needed to be scaled and polished. This was subsequently taken care of and he was also vaccinated as his annual vaccination was due.

Tyla proved to be a very affectionate Cavalier and also got on well with other dogs. He quickly wormed his way into the hearts of Colleen and her husband and they were very sorry to see him go when a loving, forever home became available for him a month later.

Tyla settled in very well with his new ‘mum’ and I’m sure, by now, he has her well trained.













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